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MGB-FireFly Module

MGB - FF MODULE is a HAPS - MGB compatible board.Two kinds of products.
HAPS systems can be connected to each other over long distances with optical cables.
12-lane MPO  connector allowing for short reach applications (up to 100 m) on OM3 multimode fiber.
For short distances, connect with a high frequency cable.

Ordering infomation

Long Distance OPTICAL I/F

Part Number: GF80-MGB-FF-L- KIT 
Price: Contact US E-Mail: info@gigafirm.com

Accessory 1 transmission module, 1 reception module

Short Range Electrical I/F

Part Number: GF80-MGB-FF-S  KIT 
Price:  Contact US E-Mail: info@gigafirm.com

Accessory 8 Lane high frequency cable 1