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MxFE® Quad, 16-Bit, 12 GSPS RF DAC and Quad, 12-Bit, 4 GSPS RF ADC (AD9081) FMC

MxFE® QUAD, 16-Bit, 12 GSPS RF DAC and DUAL, 12-Bit, 6 GSPS RF ADC (AD9082) FMC

Mixed Signal Front End (MXFE)

5G /  mmWAVE  / Radar 


The AD9081 integrates four 12-bit, 4G sample / sec A-D converters and four 16-bit, 12G sample / sec D-A converters. The AD9082 integrates two 12-bit, 6G sample / sec A-D converters and four 16-bit, 12G sample / sec D-A converters.

On-board converter LINK AD9081
On-board converter LINK AD9082
GRF-AD9081-FMC / GRF-AD9082-FMC is an ultra-compact multi-channel 
gigasample AD / DA FMC Module product.

Please use it for research, analysis, test equipment development, etc. from embedding 
in wireless devices such as 4G LTE and 5G millimeter-wave wireless communication systems.

The AD9081 / AD9082 device can be controlled by the dedicated API provided by ADI.
GIGAS OC-EDGE with API pre-installed on Linux and FMC host board GIGADAQ-SE 
accelerates AD9081 / AD9082 development.

The GIGA-PLL, which outputs multiple outputs from the GHZ clock required for JESD204 
devices to the millimeter-wave clock, can be used as an SG that is smaller than ever.

Product Specifications

GRF-AD9081-FMC / GRF-AD9081-FMC +
GRF-AD9082-FMC / GRF-AD9082-FMC +

The detailed specifications of the board are shown in the figure.


JESD204 I / F, DIO, FMC / FMC +

Expansion connector


made in Japan



FMC host JESD204 control, DIO, power supply

Platform Processor, API control, Linux

ADF4371, Multi GHx CLOCK



Reference design example,For usecase8

The AD908X can be operated with the configuration shown in the figure.
The AD908XAPI runs on GIGASAC's Linux.JESD204 I / F is also set.
The 6.11GHZ and 768MHZ clocks are supplied by GIGA-PLL.

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