Synopsys HAPS®

(High-performance ASIC Prototyping System).

Gigafirm Consulting, a hardware and service provider for FPGA prototype design. 

Gigafirm provides comprehensive off-the-shelf, high quality daughter boards and services

 for HAPS systems, helping HAPS customers accelerate prototype assembly and system validation.


HAPS System 

Configuration Example

336Gbps  Long Distance 

 Large Capacity Fiber system 

 14Gbps x8 Channel x3  

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E-Mail: info@gigafirm.com

224Gbps   Long Distance

 Large Capacity Fiber system 

 14Gbps x8 Channel x2

112Gbps  Long Distance 

 Large Capacity Fiber system 

 14Gbps x8 Channel x1

192Gbps  Short Range

Large Capacity Fiber system 

 14Gbps x8 Channel x1

96Gbps Inter Connect Kit




FMC  Connect Kit

7 inch LCD touch panel

Visual touch control development


High-speed level conversion

 Raspberry-pi Connect

 Various OS controls

MGB PCI Express Kit 


We will make original HAPS daughter board.

 (Fastest 1 month)

From circuit design, FPGA design, pattern design, component mounting, debugging.

We will only sell to people who possess HAPS.

Detailed data will not be issued to those who do not buy the board.

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