HT3-CCB: Cross  Conversion Board

HT3 compatible board.This board is used to cross-convert the signal of HT3.

All signals have been adjusted to equal skew. It is a reliable conversion board.

Cross conversion is realized with two boards.

When connected to the HAPS-CON cable

The cross is changed straight connection.

Operation confirmed up to 1350 Mbps(625M DDR transfer /LVDS)

How to use HT3-CCB is simple.

Just insert it under CON-CABLE.

In extending the HAPS and daughter board,

This is useful when you want to switch the connection to cross-straight.

SAMPLE design

The signal is DDR output of 675 MHz and the data rate is 1350 Mbps.

I / F signal standard is communicated by LVDS.

The order of the signals is in the following order.

·Check result

·received data

·Expected value

The top re_chk_result is checked and error free and becomes 'H'.

re_data 0 to data 7 under re_chk_result are received data

From the New Divider, re_exp_data 0 to data 7 below are the expected values.

Ordering infomation

Cross  Conversion Board

Part Number: GF106-HT3-CCB 

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