(update 21.03.25)

HT3-SPB: HAPS TRAK3 SPACER Board 8.5mm up

This board is an 8.5mm UP spacer.The height of the HT3 board is 7mm. 

The height of the HT3 board on the spacer is 15.5mm above HAPS.

HT3 compatible board.

All pins are connected up and down. SKEW is also controlled.

Example of increased height: eMMC board, GIGANIJYA2

How to use HT3 - SPB is simple.

Please attach it under the board whose height you want to change.

It is 8.5 mm in 1 piece, 17 mm in 2 pieces, 25.5 mm in 3 pieces.

How easy it is.

Introduce usage examples. 

Example of combining the height of FPGA board and HAPS

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HT3-SPB: SPACER Board 8.5mm up

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Direct sales are only PAYPAL. Shipped after confirming prepayment.

The trading company is Macnica.

Please buy HAPS cable from Synopsys.

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We will only sell to people who possess HAPS.

Detailed data will not be issued to those who do not buy the board.

This product is used when evaluating Synopsys' HAPS - TRAK 3. It can not be used on other than HAPS.