Extension Connector FMC I/F Board

The distance between the FMC boards of the FPGA evaluation board can be extended by 20 mm.

It can be used exceeding the height of FAN.

Can be used beyond tall parts. very convenient.

The transceiver is testing at a maximum of 16.3 Gbps.

Ordering infomation

Extension connector FMC I/F

Part Number: FMC-SPACER-20mmup

Part Number: FMC-SPACER-40mmup

Part Number: FMC-SPACER-60mmup

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Application example

 FMC 40mm up



FMC HPC Extension connector Board (up to 20mm)

All pin connections

FMC-present pin, JTAG-TDO, TDI cuttable (0 ohm resistor)

High frequency material

SIZE 69 x 17.5 mm

Corresponding Board:

Xilinx KCU105,Zynq UltraScale+ MPSOC ZCU102

Analog Devices ADS7-V2-EBZ

Reference Design


Board             Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSOC ,KCU105 FMC loop Back Board.FMC-SPACER

Description    FMC Rocket IO 8 laneloopback test /

                        Zynq UltraScale+ MPSOC GTH 16.3Gbps PRBS-7 

Modification example


Board             Analog Devices ADS-7-V2-EBZ,KCU105 FMC loop Back Board.FMC-SPACER

Description    FMC Rocket IO 10 laneloopback test /

                        Virtex-7 GTH 13.6-16.3Gbps PRBS-7 

Note: This design is not offered as it will be remodeled.Try it as a reference for 10 lane BERT.


This board is for evaluation. All performance is not guaranteed.

The connector has a limited number of times. Please check SAMTEC for details.

Please be careful not to break the connector.

Provide detailed information to the purchaser.

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Specification may be changed. 

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